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Week Notes 11: Mild

This week the weather has been "unseasonably" mild. Let's not think about everything we are doing wrong and carry on regardless, shall we? Just comment on the weather, or worry about the wars, or AI, or whether someone deleted some WhatsApp messages.

Week Notes 10: Strangers

I've continued to play with the Omnivore API and on Monday I had two profound discoveries. Firstly that I hate GraphQL - just can't get my head around the structure, and secondly, that ChatGPT is better at coding GraphQL than I will ever be and decided to let it get on with it. It created the neccesary code structure that I was failing to understand.

Week Notes s2024e05

This week I had a major outage on my home server, a Synology NAS. It was my own fault. I added a program to my watchlist and it downloaded multiple old seasons of it, filling up my hard drive.

Week Notes s2024e04

A week of storms after a week of cold weather. Not much damage to us, but they sounded and felt like the strongest winds we've ever had here. Can only feel it will get worse over the years. I was supposed to cycle into the office on Wednesday but it was too dangerous.

New Computer - A macbook pro

I have a new (to me) computer, a MacBook Pro. It seems ironic that the first time I've ever used a MacBook, it's the 40th anniversary of the first Mac computer.